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The Artist

Roosevelt portrays his worldview as a craftsman of photography. Sensitive shadows master he transforms his emotions into silver crystals and turns them to revealing emulsions. In his atelier and laboratory he prepares the ideal atmosphere by contrasting the inanimate with the pulsating. His images discreetly approach female nudity in an unusual way and adorned by objects, fabrics and masks. More than reveal the woman's body his style bare his own soul.


Not surprisingly he won the 2000 Icatu Arts Prize. He earned a six-month scholarship in Paris, the city of light, where he deepened his studies, absorbed influences, and developed projects linked to art photography. He has also published works in the magazines Zoom and Extra Camera of Venezuela, in the Americas magazine, edited by the OAS (Organization of American States).


He also participated in the books "Fotografia no Brasil", by Funarte, "Municipality and Education" sponsored by UNICEF, and "Só Há um Rio" by Jacobson Publishing Company. Roosevelt also teaches photography. It aims to provide technical training to analogue equipment. It gives special emphasis to practical work in the studio, laboratory and external environments. And above all aims to develop the artistic sensitivity of each of his students.




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